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Who are we?

MyPropertyPro was founded by Luke van Dongen and Andrew Hancock.

Like our business, the story behind MyPropertyPro is not one of your typical property management agency. As work colleagues, long term tenants and experienced, passionate property investors, our conversation often lead to the frustrations we continually experienced with our property managers as both landlords and tenants.

Relationship Management on the Cogwheels.Faced with the possibility of being dissatisfied with our property managers for the rest of our investing journey, we embarked on a different route – we invested the time, effort, research, dedication and hard work to start our own investment management business. Without being constrained by the concept of “This is the way it has always been done”, we created a different kind of agency – one that understands the needs of investors and tenants whilst providing a level of service and support that truly defines what it means to be a property investment manager.

The result is MyPropertyPro – more than just a property management service – it is an investor service. Our aim is to provide owners with both exceptional property investment management and a comprehensive suite of related services, all in the one place.

What’s different?

The fact is, most property management agencies will tell you the same thing and provide a list of reasons for why you should use them. These usually include generic terms such as great communication, experienced staff, maximising rent and minimising vacancies.

differentAs investors, these basic attributes are what we would expect as a minimum from any property management agency. However, these attributes do not actually represent property management – they are the basic functions of a leasing agent. They are not special or a reason to choose or change an agency. In our experience, we have heard this many times from every agency we have used and they are often empty words.

MyPropertyPro redefines what it means to be a true property investment management agency. We achieve this through demonstrable actions, policies, procedures and guarantees, all underpinned by a fundamental knowledge and understanding of property investment principles. We provide what is true property investment management. What our competitors see as their comprehensive offering to landlords, we see as the very basic service you should

Why should you use MyPropertyPro?

So why are we truly different and why should you choose our service over our competitors?

We provide excellent service” is the standard response from most real estate agencies, but anyone can say that. As investors and tenants, we now know and understand what works best and have tailored our policies accordingly.

At MyPropertyPro:

  • We offer service, communication and accountability guarantees. These guarantees penalise us and reward you if our managers don’t comply. We don’t just talk about service, communication and accountability, we actually guarantee it.
  • We operate a portfolio based management approach. Rather than separating and assigning the tasks of managing a property to different people in our business, our portfolio managers individually handle all the required aspects of the day to day management of your property. From inspections and advertising through to property accounting and legal compliance, they also manage a smaller number of properties. This means our managers get to personally know and understand you and all aspects of your property so they can deliver the best possible personalised service that meets your needs.
  • We offer faster response times for both you and your tenant. This is because our property managers can operate independently from the constraints of an office meaning they can access your property’s information anytime from anywhere.
  • We use a simple and predictable single fee structure. This comprises of a percentage of rent and a one off charge for new tenancies only – there are no other on-going fees. Unlike the current trend of charging a lower percentage but sneaking in a plethora of other fees that usually results in a much higher overall charge, we prefer predictability in our cash flow as investors and recognise that you do too.
  • We provide a single point of contact for you as a landlord. No longer waiting for “accounts” to get back to you, or the standard, “Sorry that is not my area” response to queries. On top of this, you will always have the back up option to contact the owners and founders of the company directly if you desire.
  • You have access to experienced industry professionals and property investors. We understand that your investment journey is most successful when you surround yourself with a good team. Therefore, you have access to a PIPA Qualified Property Investment Adviser (QPIA®) and an Investment Finance Adviser as part of the MyPropertyPro team. We also provide access to a number of industry professionals whose service and experience has been personally used, verified and endorsed by the MyPropertyPro owners and management.

We are investors and tenants ourselves

You might be asking yourself, “The owners and management are tenants?” Correct! Like many people in the modern world, we have made both a lifestyle and financial choice to rent where we want to live and buy where we want to invest. This gives us an extremely well balanced appreciation of what is important to both tenants and property investors alike and we are able to manage your property accordingly.

Businessman Working Balance Financial Planning ConceptAs tenants ourselves, we know what is frustrating as a tenant and our aim is to ensure that your property is managed with the tenant in mind. Too many property managers treat tenants poorly and with no respect, when the reality is that they’re your customer, keeping you in business. We ensure that we balance the respect for the tenant as your customer with a serious approach to the responsibility of the tenancy, including stringent monitoring of non-compliance. We recognise that a happy tenant will generally equal a long term, quality tenant and as any property investor knows, that is always the preference.

Too often a property manager will neglect a tenant’s wishes for too long and they will move out, costing the investor valuable cash flow and capital in the hunt for a new one. We bridge the gap between the investor and the tenant, always working for you, but treating the tenant as your customer and you as the ‘CEO’ of your property. With checks and balances in place, your tenant will never be left feeling frustrated that their concerns are not being attended to or that their calls and emails are not being returned.

Andrew Hancock



“There is nothing more rewarding than helping people achieve their investing goals and
seeing the look on someone’s face when they realise what’s possible. Helping people to start or continue their investing journey is what this business is all about.”

Luke van Dongen


“When it comes to customer service, my focus is on providing value for the
client. When they walk away from a phone call, discussion or any engagement with me, the client must feel they are valued and that I have provided value. That is what excellent service entails.”

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