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Moving Your Management to MyPropertyPro

Switching your management to MyPropertyPro is completed in one easy step by simply filling out a new Appointment Form and returning it to us. MyPropertyPro will take care of the rest! To request an Appointment Form, please contact us. There are a two things of which you need to be aware:

1. You must comply with the notice period stated on the agreement with your current property management.

There is the option to have to have this period reduced, however it must be by mutual agreement between yourself and your previous property management. Under the new legislation, this notice period is 30 days and can be found on your current Appointment Form. If you have signed an older PAMD20a agreement, you should notify your current property manager that you wish to terminate the agreement using the 30 day notice period under the new legislation. The notice period commences once you advise your current property manager, in writing, that you wish to terminate your agreement.

2. Once we are able, we complete all necessary steps on your behalf and then contact your tenant personally to inform them that the property is under new management.

This is a very important step in tenant relations and to ensure a smooth transition. We will then do an initial inspection of the property for our records and to meet with your tenant(s) to determine any problems or issues they would like to have addressed which may have been overlooked during their previous management.

Rental Arrears Policy

As property investors ourselves, we understand that cash flow is a critical area that needs ongoing monitoring and management. Therefore, we take rental arrears very seriously. We monitor our rents daily and a tenant will get an automatic text if they are late by three days, with a follow up phone call from one of our property managers to ascertain the problem.

In the unlikely event that they fall in arrears by seven days, the legislation is followed and a Notice to Remedy Breach is issued. In the extremely unlikely event this is ignored, under instruction from the owner, we will issue a Notice to Leave. MyPropertyPro also tracks any rental arrears event for record and trend keeping purposes.


[Back to Top] Finding a quality tenant who is willing to pay the highest price for your property is only achievable through quality strategic marketing. We take a multi-layer approach when marketing your property by using:

  • Professional photography using a wide angle lens. We strongly advise the use of professional photos to attract the best and most amount of enquiries. Research has shown that bright and clear professional photos generate more enquiries and attract better tenants than using standard photos, which can make even a great property look dark, old and small. We even put effort into deciding which photo should be the lead on internet advertising. There is a small fee for professional photos which can be deducted from your initial rent payment and which is tax deductible. You own these photos and they can be retained by you for future personal use.
  • A well written, comprehensive property description. A poorly written description for a property that lacks good information and contains poor grammar and spelling can reflect badly on your property and on us. As an investor, you have purchased the property with a particular demographic in mind and for certain area features. We ensure each description highlights the relevant desirable features of the property for the demographic to which we are marketing, as well as local area and suburb amenities in which tenants will be interested, such as schools, shopping centres and transport links.
  • Opens and private inspections. We will tailor an individual marketing strategy based on the individual property and the area’s rental market and data that may comprise of open inspections, private inspections or a combination of both. Unlike many agencies, we will also conduct private inspections after hours if requested by a potential tenant. Open homes and private inspections are conducted at pre-determined times which are advertised online through all major listing websites.
    Most importantly, all of MyPropertyPro’s property listings on can be listed as a Highlight Property. This means on average the listing receives seven (7) times more views and four (4) times more enquiries than a standard listing. Each potential tenant is required to pre-register for all private inspections and will be phone interviewed by our asset manager prior to the inspection as a part of the tenant screening and application process.

  • Researched pricing. It is important that the advertised rent for your property is well researched and accurate. As we do with our own properties, MyPropertyPro researches recent comparable prices, current vacancy rates, and rental trends before making a suggestion on setting the price of your property. This is important to ensure the price is not set too high resulting in excessive vacancy, or too low resulting in an under performing yield.
  • Internet marketing and applications. We only market your property online and across all of the major real estate marketing websites to ensure the greatest exposure of your property to potential tenants. For a small additional fee, we also provide additional premium options that will put your property at the top of the list of specified search criteria. Potential tenants can apply for any property, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week either directly through the property listing online, or by downloading an application, completing it and emailing it to


[Back to Top] As investors ourselves, we dislike complicated fee structures that are unpredictable, hard to understand and that can chip away at investment returns. Unlike many agencies, we do not charge for disbursements, statements or any other number of fees that they try to sneak into their agreements to maximise their income. We believe these are just the costs of doing business and should be borne by us. Therefore, we simply charge:

  1. A fixed percentage management fee (+GST) to manage your property, and;
  2. A fixed weeks’ rent + GST to let your property. We do not charge to renew a lease if the same tenant is staying in the property.

There are no other ongoing fees! There are a small number of additional services that are recommended during the marketing and letting process which are passed on, at cost, to the landlord. These services are optional and are not fees, but services from outside providers that we believe will enhance the marketability and attractiveness of your property.

Please contact us for further details and to obtain a copy of our detailed fee schedule which outlines the inclusions for our management.


[Back to Top] Maintenance requests by the tenant must be made in writing and submitted to us via our online form. If it can be viewed personally (usually during inspections), the property manager will document the item and take photos in lieu of a written request by the tenant.

As landlords, we understand the frustration that arises from feeling like you’ve overpaid or have no control. Therefore, for items over a pre-agreed amount (specified in your Appointment Form), we will provide at least two written quotes and will contact you for your instruction before the maintenance is carried out.

As investors ourselves, we understand that some landlords like to have a much more proactive involvement in the handling of maintenance on their property, whilst others prefer to let us handle everything without being contacted. Whatever your preference, we understand your position and will confirm what level of involvement you wish to have when you sign with MyPropertyPro, including the pre-agreed maintenance amount which you are free to set as you wish.

Due to legislation, emergency repairs must be made as soon as possible which means it may not be possible to obtain your consent. Generally, emergency repairs are anything that immediately affects the safety, health or living conditions for the tenant. Tenants will be provided with information as to what constitutes emergency repairs and will be charged for any ordered maintenance items that do not fall under the emergency category. The list of items that constitutes emergency repairs can be found here.

MyPropertyPro takes legal compliance very seriously. To protect ourselves, our investors and your tenants, all contractors must complete a contractor form and provide copies of the following documents before any work is carried out:

  • Certificate of currency for indemnity and public liability insurance
  • WorkCover policies
  • Appropriate licences and card numbers

Our standard procedure is to pay the invoice and have it deducted from rent, however you may elect to have the invoice sent to you for direct payment if that is your preference. Please see our investor tips for more information on maintenance and our suggestions as landlords.

Rent Reviews

[Back to Top] As an investor, you should view your property like a business and it should be run like one accordingly. As with any business, cash flow can be the make or break of the operation which is why we will always make accurate and regular rent reviews as the end of your tenant’s lease period approaches.

We will conduct a comparative market analysis (CMA) and discuss with you the best possible options for your planning and to ensure we are helping to maximise the cash flow for your property. We will also take into account the many other considerations with regards to rent and lease periods that many investors fail to take into consideration. Please see our Investor tips section for more information.


[Back to Top] Legislation allows for the conduct of four inspections of your property per year. Unless an investor requests otherwise or we believe we have reason to conduct the full four, our general policy is to conduct three inspections per year. This is for the following two reasons.

Firstly, in our experience the difference between an inspection every three months compared to every four months is minor. Provided the tenant has a good maintenance request system (which we provide), the tenant has been selected correctly (which we ensure) and the general upkeep of the property has previously been satisfactory, the extra inspection per year can sometimes be a little intrusive and can actually have a negative effect on tenant sentiment.

Secondly, many of our investors are from interstate which means we keep the fourth allowable inspection “up our sleeve” in case an investor will be in town and wants to inspect their property. We actively encourage this as it’s a great way to see the condition of the property for yourself and personally discuss any items directly with your property manager.

Despite the above, if you prefer that all four statutory inspections are conducted in the yearly period, then we will of course provide that service. All of our reports are completed on tablet devices using the latest technology and we will provide a comprehensive report including any maintenance items, the general condition of each and every part of the property as well as photos in support of the report, emailed straight to your inbox for easy filing.

With new tenants and as a point of quality control, our policy is to conduct the first inspection six weeks after the new tenant moves in. In our experience, this first six week inspection is very important to immediately identify and be proactive in handling any issues that can arise with a new tenancy.


[Back to Top] Deciding whether to allow pets in your property is a personal choice and completely up to you as the property owner. If you decide to allow pets, we will write very specific conditions into the letting agreement to protect you as a landlord. Depending on your state, it may be against the law to include a “pet deposit/bond”, however, any specific damage will still be covered using normal bond procedures.

We do not recommend for or against allowing pets, as each case is assessed on an individual basis. Although pets can increase the wear and tear on your property, there is also sufficient evidence to suggest that allowing pets can create a great point of difference in your property for prospective tenants and actually make your property easier to let.

When letting a property that is under strata title, you must check the body corporate by-laws to ensure that you (and therefore your tenants) are compliant with any restrictions on keeping animals inside the property. As a general rule, small animals such as birds, fish and other caged animals are usually permissible and even small dogs and cats under a certain weight are allowed in some strata titled properties.

Choosing a Tenant

[Back to Top] MyPropertyPro uses a thorough screening process for all applications received by potential tenants. We will check to ensure their ability to pay the asking rent is sound, interview the tenant, contact previous property managers and referees and conduct a national tenancy database check.

Choosing a tenant isn’t necessarily about choosing the tenant who offers to pay the most rent, it’s about choosing a tenant who you believe will provide you with the most security. This is done by taking into account a combination of factors such as their expected ability to pay the rent on time, how long they plan to stay, when they are able to move in and how you believe they will treat your property.

It is illegal for anyone to discriminate against potential tenants on the basis of age, sex, race, religion and many other reasons, however you are permitted to take into consideration their past references, current financial stability and situation to ensure they are suitable for your property.

We will always act in your best interests and provide guidance during the letting process based on our professional experience. Once we have reviewed all of the information, we will present the applications to you, with our suggestions, for you to make a final decision.

Bill Payments

[Back to Top] As part of our management service, MyPropertyPro can act courtesy of the owner for all regular and non-regular bill payments for the property. If you wish to have council rates, strata fees (where applicable), water rates and any other bills paid for by us, simply change the address with the appropriate supplier to our postal address. Please contact your Asset Manager directly for these details.

For larger bills and improvements that do not form part of direct deductions, such as the installation of air conditioners, blinds, carpets, etc. we can either take direct transfers to our trust account and pay out of these funds, or you may pay the contractor directly to ensure an efficient installation and timely service.

Due to trust accounting regulations, we are unable to pay monies owed until there is a sufficient balance in the trust account which, for larger items, can unduly delay the service and result in a frustrating experience for the contractor, tenant and landlord. Although our standard procedure is to pay all bills on behalf of the landlord, if you wish to pay them yourself then you are completely free to do so.

Most landlords prefer bill payments by us as it ensures that all outgoings in relation their investment property appear on the yearly statement for ease of record keeping. If this is your preference, please advise us in writing at the time of signing the appointment form. Any bills paid by us will be deducted from rent received and applicable invoices will be attached to your periodic rental statement, as well as itemised on your yearly statement.

Receiving Rental Disbursements

[Back to Top] Rent payments are disbursed electronically into the bank account nominated on your appointment form. MyPropertyPro disburses rents twice monthly – on the 1st (or next business day) and the 15th (or next business day) of each month.

You will also receive a detailed statement detailing all ingoings and outgoings for your record keeping purposes, as well as a totalised statement at the end of the financial year. We encourage tenants to pay rent fortnightly which generally ensures two weeks’ rent is covered in each disbursement.

Due to the fact that rent is disbursed twice monthly (as opposed to fortnightly), this will occasionally mean you will receive one or three weeks rent in a disbursement. All trust account statements are available through the client login portal on any page of our website. Rental statements will detail all payments and disbursements and the format of these can also be adjusted to suit your preference.

[Back to Top] There are certain legal obligations that you must meet as a landlord that we will assist you in overseeing. For our part, our investment managers are kept up to date with the latest regulations through a variety of methods, including subscribing to legal update services, attending conferences and online training with regulatory bodies and training organisations.

Examples of obligations falling on the landlord include smoke alarm, safety switch and blind cord compliance, pool safety, security for your tenant and ensuring you meet the requirements of your state’s applicable residential tenancies act. We will assist you in meeting these obligations and, if possible, make advanced suggestions of any associated costs for this compliance e.g. the cost of a smoke alarm check, so you are able to prepare.

Many of these costs we can predict due to their ongoing nature so you should factor these into your yearly cash flow calculations to make sure everything is covered and there are no surprises. Using advanced software, we are able to assist with accurate property cash flow calculations as part of our additional investor services.

Passing Charges on to Tenants

[Back to Top] As a general rule, the only charge you are able to pass onto your tenant is for water consumption and only provided it meets certain criteria. There is also scope to have certain other charges, such as gardening costs, paid for by the tenant but this is by negotiation with the tenant and will vary from property to property.

When charging for water use, the laws vary slightly from state to state but basically, you must have it stated in your lease agreement that your tenant is liable for the charge, your property must be water efficient and have a certificate of water efficiency from a qualified plumber to prove it and your property must be individually metered.

The cost of obtaining a water certificate along with any minor plumbing alterations is usually very small compared to the amount of money you will save in water bills so it’s something we recommend and are happy to organise for you. See investor tips or view the RTA water charging fact sheet under the Resources link above for more information.

Our landlords property management services are an invaluable resource to both experienced and new landlords. Call us in today to ensure your property management needs are met. [Back to Top]

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