Cash Flow Analysis


Our detailed property analysis and cash flow reports are prepared by our Qualified Property Investment Adviser (QPIA®) and are provided as a complimentary service to all new MyPropertyPro clients who select our premium property investment management service level.

To examine the quality and depth of our reports, please take a moment to view our Sample Investment Analysis Reports.

If you are are not currently a MyPropertyPro client and would like us to prepare a personalised report for your next property investment, before using the form below, please contact us first via email using or through our contact form.

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Disclaimer: This calculation represents estimated information only. MyPropertyPro Realty Pty Ltd, ACN 602 631 756 and its Representatives do not accept any liability for any errors or omissions of information supplied in this calculation. MyPropertyPro does not represent, warrant or guarantee that the integrity of this information has been maintained, nor that the communication is free of errors. You should always seek independent professional advice to take into account your personal investment objectives, financial situation and individual needs before making any financial or investment decision.

Cash Flow Analysis

Notes For Investors

Many investors think that a cash flow calculation simply involves comparing income to expenditure and looking at the difference.

This is incorrect. To have a true cash flow calculation, you must compile all financial data that affects the investment, including all cash and non-cash deductions (yearly expenses, depreciation, purchase costs, etc), the income (both rent and personal) and then calculate a post-tax figure based on the investor’s personal income.

As you can see from the fields on the left, the items required for an accurate calculation are many and varied. Contrary to popular belief, you cannot buy a positively or negatively geared property – the positive/negative gearing (read: cash flow) on a property simply relates to how the investor has structured their investment and any given property will have a completely different cash flow depending on the personal circumstances of the investor, such as their personal income, initial deposit, interest rate etc..

If this is a pre-purchase calculation for estimation purposes and you are unsure of the required data, simply leave it blank and we will make an estimate based on our own experience and other available data sources.

If this is a cash flow calculation for an existing investment, please refer to the appropriate documentation to source the required data. This will include referring to current or previous yearly rental statements, loan documents, settlement statements and bank accounts. The more accurate the data, the more accurate the cash flow.

If you own multiple properties, please provide an individual form for each property and we will compile the data and provide you with a totalised cash flow for your portfolio. This is important because if you own multiple properties under one name, there is no longer an individual cash flow for one particular property.

The calculation must be based on the whole portfolio due to a diminishing taxable income as additional purchases are made. This will ensure the cash flow we provide is representative of your whole portfolio.

Please note, this calculation is only for investment properties held by real persons, not companies or trusts.

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