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At MyPropertyPro, we understand that a crucial aspect of an investor’s ability to start or grow their portfolio lies in the ability to obtain finance. It is imperative that finance is structured with not only the next purchase in mind, but all future purchases.

InvestmentFor a property investor, having an Investment Finance Adviser who understands property investment and finance structuring is absolutely essential.

Whether you are buying your first investment property or already own a portfolio, we specialise and work with property investors by providing an array of financial solutions to ensure that your goals are attained.

“I owned four investment properties but was unable to obtain finance for my fifth purchase using my current broker. After a recommendation to MyPropertyPro from a friend, Jon reviewed my portfolio and financial set up, immediately seeing mistakes both in loans and structure.
After working with me to re-structure and optimise my finance, I was able to immediately purchase another three investment properties, with the current ability to purchase four more“ – Ashton, Sydney based investor

At MyPropertyPro, we feel very strongly about surrounding yourself with a good team to assist you in your investment journey and an specialist Investment Finance Adviser forms a crucial part of that team. Email to discuss your options and see our Common Questions for further information.

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